A1:  DPI = Total Reed spaces divided by the Reed width = DPI (Dents per Inch)
A2:  The width is determined by the final width you desire after contraction and selvedge waste.
A3:  The contraction is the amount of fabric width lost in the weave process. Contraction = (Reeded width – Cloth width off loom) divide by Width
A4:  Air Space: The amount of space available between Reed Dents. To determine % Air Space when the DPI and Dent thickness are known: DPI x Dent thickness (inches) x 100 = % Dent Wire.
A5:  Yarn occupancy: The % of yarn that occupies the space between two dents; Occupancy = (mm yarn in 1” inch) / (mm air space in 1” inch) x 100
A6:  Air Jet Reed air flow is how much dynamic pressure that is needed to allow for accurate pick insertion at a required distance.
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A8:  YES, We manufacture all types of Reeds and Combs...  Click here to "Get a Quote"
A9: YES, If there is a high end count in Selvedge.
A10: These are normally recommended with multiple fillings and random pick insertion styles.